The shaker attachment SA 1028 can be existing DT 1028 F can be retrofitted.
Utility model DE 20 2009 017 749

The SONOSHAKE offers a wide range of applications for sample preparation in many areas of analysis, e.g. in environmental and food analysis as well as in medical diagnostics. The bath has a footprint of 500 mm x 300 mm, a tub depth of only 65 mm and is therefore ideal for sonication of samples in laboratory flasks. The samples can be sonicated both in defined time and in continuous operation. Rapid degassing via DEGAS function is also possible. The shaker attachment allows gentle to strong horizontal movement up to a maximum of 20 mm due to four different shaking frequencies. Both processes can be carried out simultaneously or separately. For example, prehomogenization is achieved with a defined shaking frequency and final homogenization is achieved in a significantly shorter time using ultrasound.

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