The SONOREX pipette cleaner with heating gently and thoroughly dissolves dirt and incrustations by means of intensive ultrasonic cleaning. The device is also suitable for plastic pipettes, burettes and other glass devices.


– Gentle pipette cleaning of glass volumetric instruments and parts up to a length of 755 mm
– Optional heating (DH)- thoroughly dissolves grease residues
– Especially robust due to stainless steel tray made of V4A (1.4571)
– Tilt handles for easier transport
– Can be placed on the floor near the drain
– Cleaning liquid can be used several times, quick emptying by ball valve.

Set ready for operation:

– SONOREX pipette cleaner PR 140 D
– Pipette basket K 140 B
– Cover D 140 D
– Cleaning concentrates
TICKOPUR R 33 – 5 litres
TICKOPUR R 27 – 1 litre

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